Android Users:  We are pleased to announce that MyCar Mobile for Android is undergoing maintenance and updates to work with the latest version of Android OS. Until then if you need to file a claim, you can always call and speak directly to one of our helpful agent representatives or use our self-service online claims portal. We apologize for any inconvenience and are excited to bring you the updated MyCar Mobile app soon. Thank you for your patience.

STEP TWO – Set up your account

Click on the MyCar Mobile icon and you’ll see this screen:


Enter your preferred email and a password in the boxes provided.

Select ‘Stay Logged In’ and ‘Create New Account.’ The screen will change and you should see a new box appear that says Verify Password. Please click on this new box and enter your password one more time.

Click on REGISTER at the bottom corner of the screen.


STEP THREE – Overview Image

On the next screen you’ll see this overview image. It’s an infographic.  Please review the infographic to determine what steps you need to take to complete registration based on the information you have available (a contract with a QR code vs a contract without a QR code).  When you are ready to proceed, click NEXT>> at the bottom of the screen.


STEP FOUR – Link Your Contract and Complete Registration

You have two methods for linking your contract with MyCar Mobile.

If the dealership processed your policy contract via our E-Contracting system, you’ll see a QR code at the top of your contract. Tap the Scan Contract QR code button, scan the QR code with your device’s camera, and the Contract and VIN details will auto-populate in the form. After that, tap the ADD button. Once registration completes with our database, you’re ready to go, and now have access to the full functionality of MyCar Mobile!

If you do not see a QR code, you may not be in our system yet.  Don’t worry, you’re still covered.  You can manually enter your contract information to complete the process.  Please upload an image of your policy (the dealership should have provided you with a copy) by tapping the Attach Photo of Contract button. Also, in the fields provided you will have to enter your contract number and your FULL Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (not just the last six digits). Then press the ADD button.  As long as you have entered a valid VIN number your registration will complete. The app, however, will have limited functionality until we are able to verify your policy with the dealership.  Once we verify your policy, you will receive an email with simple instructions for activating the full features of MyCar Mobile. How long will it take for us to verify your policy? That depends on when the dealership submits your contract to Maximus Auto Group – but it’s usually within five to fifteen business days.